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How do investors use Signal?
How do investors use Signal?
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For investors who are inundated with email from startups that aren’t a fit, Signal is home to your

  1. Investing Profile which highlights your past investments, your investing philosophy, your sectors of expertise, and your target investment criteria.

  2. Private Preferred Co-Investor List where you can privately share and collaborate on deals with your Investing Network on Signal.

Getting the maximum outcome from Signal is simple:

  1. Create your Investing Profile and OAuth your Gmail to see your network and let your network connect with you.

  2. Invite other founders and investors to increase your network connections.

  3. Add other investors to your Private Preferred Co-Investor List. This will keep you top of mind and top of the lists you want to be on.

  4. Keep your profile updated. This will help the right startups find you and will increase your chances of appearing on Sector & Stage Rankings (upvotes, diversity, sector, etc.). Many people will be looking for you and adding - or not adding - you to their Investor Intro list based on what they see.

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